Hair Clips

Dessert Clip

The dessert clips are decorated with enticing images of your favorite desserts. We offer a variety of sweets for customers to collect. 

These pieces are made from natural, plant-based materials. The clip bases are gentle on the skin, warm to the touch, and environmentally friendly.

We use acetate resin, which is relatively soft and flexible, making it resistant to cracking even when bent. The clip’s length allows it to stay in place regardless of the amount of hair you are trying to hold in place.

Banana Clip

This banana clip makes it easy to put hair in a bun simply by clipping and twisting.

The completely original clip base is made of polycarbonate, which is extremely durable, making it perfect for holding hair firmly in place.

The clip shape has a curve calculated to follow the shape of the head; the pentagonal comb teeth easily catch hair, and a special nylon-wrapped screw on the hinge allows
the clip to open and close comfortably.