Our ponytail products are designed with decorative motifs to hide the elastic, and give a clean, polished look.


The name Clover Hoop comes from the rubber's cross section, which resembles the shape of a four-leaf clover, which is said to bring good luck. 

Four rubber cores distribute the load, making it stronger and longer lasting

Four-leaf clovers represent "hope," "faith," "love," and "happiness.

Scrunches / ChouChou

Each Scrunchie is carefully sewn by craftsmen with a calculated size, using high quality materials.

A single knot can also be used as a glamorous styling point.

Pony Hook

Pony hooks are used by hooking the hooks into knotted hair. It can also be used to hide an elastic without the need for consumers to worry themselves with using proper technique. It gives a simple pony style a sophisticated look.

This is the first hair accessory in Japan to use the "dancing stone" function, which has been patented and designed in 15 countries around the world and incorporates advanced Japanese technology. Anti-viral, anti-bacterial, stain- and scratch-resistant, and discoloration-resistant VIRUS BLOCK coating is applied.