About us

Founded in a small atelier

Complex Biz was established in 1974 as a small atelier in Nagoya, a city in Japan renowned for its craftsmanship. Our founders elevated combs, hairpins, and hairclips from purely functional items to fashionable, high-end accessories and continue to be pioneers within this category.

Our exquisite designs reflect global trends, while continuing to provide the renowned quality craftsmanship of Japanese artisanal production. Each piece is meticulously designed and constructed, ensuring that our creations are wearable works of art that bring a touch of sparkle and individuality to customers’ ensembles.

The name Complex Biz embodies what we strive to represent as a business.

Complex refers to not only the intricacy of our designs but also the variety of occasions each of our pieces can be used for. Each piece is a beautiful representation of a complex mix of fashion, trend insight, quality raw materials and impeccable craftsmanship.

Biz is an allusion to “show business”. We aim to create product that entertains and sparkles, and makes the customer feel like they are the star of the show.

Passion for Creation

We are committed to providing our customers with fresh designs to update their look. Complex Biz ensures that customers can express their individuality with a continually evolving assortment. We not only offered newness, but also impeccable quality – customers can feel confident that any piece that is purchased from Complex Biz will last for generations to come.

Japan to the World

We are the leaders in the hair accessories market in Japan and have a global reach. Even with our growth we are proud to continue to offer the highest quality of Japanese craftsmanshipin our shops at notable department stores throughout Japan. This superior artistry combined with the unique cultural perspective and Japanese design sets our pieces apart from all others on the market.

Our Promise

Whether with a classic barrette, or a trendy clip we always endeavor to make individuals sparkle and feel their best. We provide all our customers with superior quality product that offers them inspiration and aim to provide a superior level of customer service for every transaction. 

Our Dream

80% of a person’s first impression is determined by their hairstyle.  Our pieces are not just functional items to hold your hair in place, they are made to be vehicles for expression. That is why we use the highest quality materials and employ highly skilled craftsman with an uncompromising attention to detail. The story behind our hair accessories begins with our design team and artisanal produces and continues to evolve along with the people who wear them.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make everyone wearing a complex biz accessory feel like they are the star of the show.  We hope that each piece brings beauty, sparkle, and fun into our customer’s lives. 


  • Edo Period (1603-1867)

    Edo Period

    The beginning of Japanese hairdressing culture

  • 1993


    COMPLEX BIZ brand is launched with our signature dessert clip

  • 2010


    Launch of the double comb (easy comb)

  • 2020


    Launched our COMPLEX BIZ direct to consumer hair accessory site to directly service customers online for the first time in Japanese hair accessory brands.

  • 1974


    Hair accessories bought from overseas are sold for the first time at Japanese department stores

  • 2000


    Launch of the Perfect Stick

  • 2019


    Launched the world's first flexifit hairband with that fits all women's heads