French Comb

Long Wire Comb

This is an original comb design with extended feet to hold onto the hair more effectively.

The use of strong wires prevents the legs from bending and makes it extremely durable.

Stainless Comb

This innovative comb features a secondary curved surface that fits the shape of the head and
comb teeth that catch the hair and do not let go.

The thin shape is perfect for keeping hair arrangements in place and neatly organized.

French Comb

A comb with dramatically improved structure that’s designed to prevent any hair volume or type from falling out of place. 
The comb design has a specialized curve and thickness that fits the head, as well as calculated spacing between large and small comb teeth.

The material used is cellulose acetate, which is made from plant fibers, and because it is a plant-based material, it is gentle on the skin and the environment.

Easy Comb

This is an originally designed comb that neatly gathers hair from both sides. By connecting the center of the two combs with an elastic, the comb fits the head and holds the hair in place, making it possible to create a hair arrangement that will stay in place. As the name suggests, this item is simple to use and is both functional and decorative.